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Fishing Rods

Man-kind has been fishing and hunting since the Paleolithic, and for those of us that slept through Geology in college, that`s about 40,000 years ago. Maybe not with fishing rods or poles, but since then, our ancestors fished in the Nile. The Greeks fished, though they don't like to talk about it, and the Romans celebrated fishing with mosaics.

Today, recreational fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the country, second only to gardening. Recreational fishing has rules, licensing restrictions, and laws that limit the number and type of fish that one may catch. Recreational fishing with a hook and rod is sometimes known as angling.

The fishing pole is usually constructed in modern times with fiberglass, carbon fiber or, more traditionally, bamboo. The term rod usually implies a casting tool with line guides and a reel. A fishing rod can range from 24 inches and 20 ft and the longer the rod, the more distance in casting.

When you're looking to buy a fishing rod or pole, be sure to know what kind of rod you're looking for before you purchase anything. Are you looking for a light-weight fly rod, or something to catch large salmon like a spinning rod or trolling rod Also, if you want to buy at a cheap cost, look on eBay for the best deal on strong flexible poles. Next time you're out fish, start comparing boats at Just Fishing Boats.

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